We are in need of foster parents for dogs and puppies! Please submit an application if you are interested in becoming in a foster parent.


What is the Foster Care Program?

The foster care program is a program by which LHAS is able to temporarily place animals into the homes of volunteers until they are adopted into loving forever homes.


Anyone Interested in Being a Foster Care Volunteer Should:

  • Fill out an application and have it approved by the program coordinators.

  • Have landlord approval if necessary.

  • Host a home visit by LHAS staff.

  • Have adequate space, time, and energy to care for foster animals.


What does a Foster Parent do?

  • Provide a secure home, food, water, socialization, training, exercise, and administer medication for foster animals.

  • Observe animals and report any problems or questions to LHAS.

  • Bring animals to adoption events


Who Benefits From This Program?

THE ANIMALS: Foster care for shelter animals has a direct impact on the number of homeless animals saved each year.

THE FOSTERER: Foster care is an incredibly rewarding experience because you help animals find lifelong homes.

THE COMMUNITY: Foster care provides the community a larger segment of healthy, socialized animals.


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