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We're about providing second chances, one pet at a time.

In 2009, Loving Heart Animal Shelter was founded by Sandy Fogarasi and her animal-loving friends.

An animal lover since childhood, Sandy's passion to help animals carried into adulthood. After the death of her first dog, Brandon, she started volunteering at a local animal shelter. There, she experienced for the first time the harsh reality of life and death in typical shelters, and she knew she wanted to do something to change that reality.

Since founding Loving Heart in 2009, Sandy and her team of staff and volunteers have helped over 6,000 pets find love and comfort with adoptive families.

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We are a true no-kill animal shelter. Upon accepting a pet into our care, we make them a commitment: to provide them with love and a comfortable place to stay, whether they quickly find a new home or need to call the shelter their forever home.

For many years, a dog named Reggie was the face of Loving Heart. Due to behavioral issues, he was never able to be adopted.  Other shelters might have considered Reggie a lost cause and given up on him long ago, but we were committed to providing Reggie with everything he needed.


Even though Reggie spent his life in a shelter, there was never a need to feel sorry for him. To Reggie, Loving Heart was more than a shelter - it was his home, his sanctuary, his safe place. He was deeply loved by many and his memory will live on in the hearts of those who loved him.



It truly takes a village! These are the individuals who keep the shelter running.

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Sandy Fogarasi

Founder & President

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Kati Davis

Director & Board Member

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Molly Howe

Board Member


Amanda Oakley

Director & Board Member

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Linda Whaley



Danielle Ramer

Board Member


Mark Einstein


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