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Open your heart to a homeless dog or cat

Adoption Requirements & Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting a homeless pet! To adopt from our shelter, you must be 21 years of age or older, complete our adoption application, and agree to a home-visit by one of our adoption counselors.


Follow these steps to begin the process of adding a four-legged companion to your family:

1 / Discuss with your family what kind of pet will be the best fit.

Are you looking for a cat or dog? Young and full of energy or older and more laid-back? Independent or cuddly? Big or small? If you want a puppy, will you have the patience required to raise him properly?

For the next 10-15 years, your new pet will rely on you to provide him with nutritious food, grooming, exercise/playtime, training, and medical attention. Discuss it thoroughly to ensure that you and your family will be prepared for the financial commitment, time investment, and energy that owning a pet requires.

2 / Check out our adoptable animals.

You can meet them here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us by sending an email or messaging us over one of our social media pages.

3 / Fill out the adoption application. 

The adoption application can be found at the end of this section.


We are very short staffed and want to find the best fit for our animals, so reviewing your application and making a decision can take up to 1-2 weeks.

4 / Meet your potential new best friend.

If you applied to adopt a dog, this is the time the home-visit will take place. If you applied to adopt a cat, this is when you'll get to meet your new kitty friend.

5 / Complete the adoption.

If all goes well with meeting the animal you applied for, the adoption will be finalized!


Apply to Adopt

Ready to begin the adoption process? Click one of the links below to fill out an adoption application. Please note that applying for an animal does not necessarily guarantee an adoption.

Tips After Adoption

Living in a new place at first can be scary! Your newly adopted pet may feel right at home, or he may take a few days or a few weeks to fully settle in and feel comfortable. Here are some tips to help with the transition:

1 / Let your pet explore at his own pace.

Encourage him and praise him, but don't force him to do anything. High-value treats such as cheese or sugar-free peanut butter can be great rewards for good behavior.

2 / Establish a "safe place."

For cats, it can help if you keep them in one room (with their food, water, litter box, and a pet bed) at first. Once they seem comfortable, allow them to begin exploring other parts of your home.

For dogs, a crate can be a great safe place. Put the crate in a quiet part of your home, keep the door open throughout the day, and leave a few treats inside and around the front of the crate so your dog will associate good things with it. You can even cover the top and sides of the crate with a towel or blanket so the crate seems more like a den.

3 / Reach out with any questions!

If you have any questions about how to help make your pet's transition into your home easier, or if you have any questions about your newly adopted pet, feel free to reach out to us!

4 / And always remember...

Have patience. Some of the animals in our care have been in multiple homes or scary situations, so they can tend to be unsure of new places at first. Provide them with space, encourage them to try new things, give them time to decompress - and watch them come out of their shell and blossom into their true personality.


If at any time for any reason you are no longer able to care for the pet you adopted from us, please contact us right away. We will ALWAYS accept back a pet that has been adopted from us.

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