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Adopt a Pet

Find a new furry friend! We have many dogs and cats who are on the search for loving, forever homes.

To adopt from our shelter, you must be 21 years of age or older, complete our adoption application, and agree to a home-visit by one of our adoption counselors.

See our adoption process below.

Adoption Process

Apply to Adopt

Ready to begin the adoption process? Click one of the links below to fill out an adoption application. Please note that applying for a pet does not necessarily guarantee an adoption.

What's included in every adoption?

Pet Wellness

Prior to adoption, each pet has been seen by a local veterinarian where they have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, and microchipped. Adoptable dogs are also current on heartworm and flea preventative.

Adoption Fee

We require a small adoption fee for each pet. These adoption fees only reflect a small amount that we spend to ensure that each pet is happy and healthy while at the shelter.

  • Puppies (0-12 months) $250

  • Adult Dogs (1-6 years) $200

  • Senior Dogs (7 years of age and up) $150


  • Young cats (0-2 years) $100

  • Adult cats (3-6 years) $75

  • Senior Cats (7 years of age and up) $50

Adoption Support

We're here to help you! If you experience any challenges with your newly-adopted pet, please reach out to us.

If at any time for any reason you are no longer able to care for a pet that you adopted from us, please contact us right away. We will ALWAYS accept back a pet that has been adopted from us.


Want to share your LHAS adoption story?

We always love to hear updates of pets that have been adopted from us!


Send us an email at to let us know how your adopted pet is doing!

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