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Male | Shepherd mix | Arrived in 2015

Age: 8.5 years

Size: Large, 50-60lbs.

Good with young kids: No

Good with older kids: No

Good with other pets: No

Fence preferred: Yes


Clearly, Diego loves his pizza. He's the kind of dog who wants to enjoy his pizza all by himself, with maybe just one other person around. Diego is simply that kind of independent guy. He's not too cuddly, not too playful - more of a loner than anything else. He is content with an occasional back scratch and "good boy," but all he is looking for in life is someone to give him good food and water, let him outside into a fenced-in yard, and allow him to have the couch all to himself if he pleases.

Diego has his quirks, but we think he would be a great fit for one person who simply wants to have a dog around the house. Diego is solidly house trained and he knows an array of cues, such as sit and down. Since he is very possessive of his food and toys and places that he claims as his (like the couch) and does not appreciate much physical touch, he cannot live with children or other pets.