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         We were contacted by a Rescue Friend of ours and then the Mother of a Brookston girl. While getting home from school she came upon a poor, emaciated dog next to her home. Without a single thought she took the dog into her garage to get her out of the elements, lay down some bedding and start feeding her and giving her water and contacted her mother...mind you this girl was ONLY 11! She gave her the care that was needed until she was rescued by Loving Heart Animal Shelter. The images were shown to our Board of Directors to start looking for fosters, and there was no question we had to take in this sweet soul. Being foster based it can sometimes be difficult to find a foster home.
          It's all because one little girl wasn't going to stand by and let that poor dog fend for itself, but take the initiative to help when help was so desperately needed. That little girl is a hero, she could have just looked the other way but didn't. She did what had to be done and is the next generation of animal Rescue, which makes us as an organization very proud for the future.  So Meet Meera, named by the little girl who rescued her, short for Miracle.

JANUARY 15, 2014---43 lbs.


        This morning we took her to the vet and she has a laundry list of things that are wrong with her. She has a mammary tumor that will be further tested when she is a little stronger, she has severe ear infections in both ears to where they are closed and she cannot hear. She has a UTI and a broken K9. She is heartworm negative Thank God! Our plan is to get her settled in and healthier to where her body can handle the tumor removal and her broken K9. She has started antibiotics and steroids, and is headed back to her foster parents house to rest and gain strength. This sweet girl who has become already attached to her foster Mom shows NO SIGNS of Giving Up and Neither Do We!  Here is her picture going home from the Vets Office today!

JANUARY 20, 2014---46.2 lbs.
From her foster mom: Meera is doing much better, eating well, wagging her tail when I come home and even showing excitement when I grab her leash to take her outside. She has finished one medication so now we are down to 3 daily:) her ears are still very infected and inflammed and its still difficult for her to walk, but that could partly be her age. She has gained approximately 3.2 pounds as of tonight:) So Meera is now 45.2 pounds... She is on her way!!!

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