In Need of Foster Homes

Currently, we need foster homes for dogs who have been at the shelter for a while and cats who would benefit from a calmer environment. Occasionally we have young kittens or puppies who need the time and TLC only a foster home can provide.


Below are a few animals who would benefit from a foster home. Check our Facebook page for more needs as they arise!



Ariel is a 6 year old female Domestic shorthair mix. She arrived in our care in April 2018 from a local  overcrowded shelter.


Ariel knows what she likes. Preferring to observe people from the comfort of her condo, Ariel really prefers not to be touched. She likes curling up in her bed and sleeping the day away. Ariel eats a certain type of food to control hairballs, but she is otherwise healthy.


We are looking for a foster home for Ariel because she may come out of her shell and open up more in a less stressful environment. She has been at the shelter for many months with no interest, so we're hoping that someone will take her under their wing and give Ariel the chance to show her true personality.



Frankie is a 10 year old male Australian Shepherd mix. He is a medium-to-large sized fella and weighs around 50-60lbs. Frankie arrived in our care in the summer of 2016 when he was abandoned.


Frankie is extremely precious and the sweetest boy a person could ask for. He is very loyal to his person and will constantly push his head into your hands to ask for pets and cuddles. Frankie can be wary of some people; but if you go slow with him, give him space to warm up, and offer him treats, you will soon be his best friend. Frankie has some medical complications, mainly with his ears - they often get red, inflamed, waxy, and very uncomfortable for him - so he must visit the vet occasionally to get them under control. Other than that, Frankie is pretty healthy. He does attach strongly to one person in a home environment and will need a one-person home. Frankie does best as the only pet.


We are looking for a foster home for Frankie because he deserves to enjoy his golden years in the comfort of a home, not in the stressful shelter environment. Will you provide him with the love he's been longing for?



Noel is a 1.5 year old female American Pit Bull terrier mix. She is medium-sized, weighing in around 40-50lbs. Noel was found stray in December 2017.


Noel struggles with meeting new people - however, she may do better when out of the stressful shelter environment. Noel is extremely sweet and affectionate with people she knows. She knows "sit" and does a good job of "holding it" when she does not have the opportunity to soil her living quarters. Noel has shown aggression toward other female dogs but has played well with a male dog her size, but she should be the only pet unless otherwise determined. Noel can jump VERY high and would benefit from a foster home with a tall fence (6 feet or higher).


We are looking for somebody who will take Noel under their wing and provide her with boundaries and structure. She is so young but has never received the guidance and direction a young dog like her needs.




Yoshi is a 5 year old male American Bulldog mix. He is a large boy and weighs around 70-80lbs. Yoshi was rescued from an overcrowded animal control facility in November 2017.


Yoshi is a great dog and perfect for a mature family. He is friendly with people but can be overly excited when initially meeting someone new. Yoshi is 99% housetrained, knows "sit," and is treat-motivated; but he can be stubborn at times. He does best as the only dog but finds companionship among cats - he even doesn't mind it when if cats get in his face. Actually, Yoshi is very concerned about making sure that the cats are OK, so he will constantly  follow them around.


The main reason we are looking for a foster home for Yoshi is that he is extremely stressed in the shelter environment and does not have a pleasant cage presence - therefore, most people tend to pass him up even though he is just fine out of his kennel.


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